A product of the FCC restructuring.
1. No testing required. The person is nominated by fellow hams.
2. No call sign needed. The old geezer can not remember it anyway.
3. No code; arthritis will hamper key use.
Can not remember the code anyway.
4. Voice communication; AM not SSB. The old geezer still has his equipment from the 40's and 50's.
5. Limited to 1 crystal controlled frequency on 80 meters.
No limit on power output.
6. Two way contacts are not needed. Just get on the air and start a monologue of complaints.
7. Hemroids, prostate, and the weather are favorite topics.
When are you an "OLD GEEZER"? Your friends [if still have some] and fellow hams will let you know.
8. The difference between an OLD FART and an OLD GEEZER?
The old geezer is a lost cause.
The old fart still has some cute old guy left in him.

Rules for Working DX

After listening to the latest Dxpediton we thought it was time to reissue the DX Rules from 1997.

Rules for DXing or How to have more FUN on the Bands:


1.If you come upon a pileup, find the exact DX frequency and slowly tune up your KW right on his frequency.Take your time doing this as it has maximum effect this way. The longer you take, the better. It lets others know that YOU are going to call the DX.

2.If you cannot wait to find out the DX call sign,ask, "What is the DX call sign?" On CW send “DX?” Call?" Do NOT listen, this takes time. DO this repeatedly until someone gives you the DX call. This will show all others on frequency that you are serious about wanting to work this DX. This is called sharing.

3.When you find out the DX call, repeat your call over and over again on the DX frequency. Even if he is working split there is a chance he may be listening on his transmit


4.When the DX says "ABC only"- Don't believe him. If he says " Europe only" - Don' tbelieve him. If he says, "2's only" -Don't believe him. Keep giving your call "XYZ” !!...XYZ !! ...XYZ !! How Copy MARIO?" Make sure you use his name when you call him, he may think you are someone he knows. It must work as we hear it on bands all the time so it has to be effective. Don't pay attention to directional calls.When did any DX know what they wanted ? What matters most is what YOU want.

5.To get the DX to work other modes tell him you want to set up a schedule later which is convenient to you. You should wait until the pileup has built up to several hundred and just before the band is about to go out, then ask him to meet you on CW, PSK31, RTTY or SSB at a set time and frequency. Above all, make sure you tell him that YOU need him on these modes. This will endear you in the hearts of all on frequency, it shows that you can work more than one mode and are a

well-rounded amateur.

6.If you have worked the DX previously make sure you call him and tell him that he is stronger than the last 6 times you worked him this week. The DX station will want to know this. Others on frequency will respect you more, you will be recognized as a BigGun DXer.

7.When you find a DX pileup, to bring your operating skills to a higher level and impress all those on frequency - Zero beat the DX send "QRL? Is this frequency in use?" This shows character and that you are truly a caring person.

8.When finally making the DX contact, give the DX some background about yourself, TX, RX, ANT, WX,how many children and grandchildren you have, where they went to college, what size bedroom slipper you wear, or any other items of interest to the DX. This shows that you are not just a 59 kind of guy.This is most effective when the band is just about to fold.

9.After you have worked the DX you will need the QSL route. Although this will be listed on the DX packet cluster, in ARRL & DX News Letters, and on the Internet, there is no reason for you to go to all the bother of reading these sources. You can just keep calling on the DX frequency..."What is the QSL Information?" If you don't get a reply with the information after 8 or 10 calls, keep it up, your persistence will payoff. There are plenty of other stations on frequency who are

waiting to work the DX who have read these publications and they willing and ready to help you.

Rules for THE FUN MODE

1.For a split operation, spend most of your day listening and transmitting on the DX sending frequency. On CW, if someone calls on the DX transmitting frequency,right away using your J-38 at 4 WPM, send VP...UG...NP...UP. until you get it right. If the station continues to call on the DX frequency, then send LSD .. LIB ..LED... LID..until you get it right.

This has three benefits.

A.Others waiting to work the DX will be forever indebted to you for informing the offending station that the DX is working split.

B.The offending station will be grateful.

C.You will get some needed code practice to get you over that 5 WPM hump.

2.For those with CW and voice memory keyers this will be easy. All you have to do is program in "UP"and "LID". For the more advanced operators you can add "SPLIT" "YOU IDIOT, WORKING SPLIT " ...Using the memory keyers for your day's activity will save your voice. Should you happen by chance to have a QSO you will need it.

As always … Work'em First….. Confirm Later

Total Members As Of 10/12/22 - 4,880

1 Call Name Town State  
2 W1HF Robert Charlestown RI  
3 W1JHC Joel Everett MA  
4 K2ZGW Mario Runnemede NJ  
5 N2PPI Mike Bellmore NJ  
6 K1HRD Bob Danvers MA  
7 K3MY Barry E. Aurora NY  
8 K3TLB George Lawrenceville PA  
9 K1ROY Roy Woburn MA  
10 N7CXJ Bruce Chatham NY  
11 W2AL Alan Monroe NJ  
12 N1OQX Andy Danvers MA  
13 WA2EKD Lou Bayside NY  
14 W1PRK Steve Bristol CT  
15 KB2BLR Rich Bricktown NJ  
16 KD2BAJ Larry Belmar NJ  
17 K1TSW Tom Marlton NJ  
18 KA1KLO John Watertown CT  
19 W1EY Dave Stafford Springs CT  
20 W1GNK Jim Shelton CT  
21 N1TKO Gerry Haverhill MA  
22 W4AGP Alvin Farmville VA  
23 KB1TSC Ray Springfield MA  
24 K2RKB Rich Seaville NJ  
25 W2DEA Ray Brooklyn NY  
26 K1YXP Matt Chesterfield NH  
27 WB2KNR Jim Newport NJ  
28 N2UFM Tom Staten Island NY  
29 K1WGU Bob Randolph MA  
30 W4DFK Dale Williamsburg VA  
31 K1GSE George Wyoming RI  
32 W2LRT Leo Shirley NY  
33 W3MKE Gill Baltimore MD  
34 KC2GLR Robert Marlboro NJ  
35 K1VNV Jim Ashburnham MA  
36 K3PG Paul Centerville MD  
37 NR1R Ray Reading MA  
38 N1HIY Tom Salem MA  
39 KB3FLZ Jay Wilmington DE  
40 KB2YDH Rich Bangor MA  
41 ON7FU Hugo Moorslede BELG  
42 AB1CQ Gary Bridgewater MD  
43 VE3BLB David Pembroke CAN  
44 N2OG Rob  Tioga PA  
45 VA3JYD Gary Welland ONT  
46 AC2ET Ray Bellmore NY  
47 AB1WT Jeff Longmeadow MA  
48 WA1PJG Mike Manchester NH  
49 K8PGM Ron Berkley Springs WV  
50 WB1ADY Buzz Groton CT  
51 K1NAJ Norm Norway ME  
52 NZ2K Paul Hillsdale NJ  
53 N2RDL Karl Massapequa NY  
54 N1FQV Peter Lynn Ma  
55 N3CZD Ken Altoona PA  
56 N2LID David Corning NY  
57 WX4AR Bill Tukerton NJ  
58 WA1UZX Larry W Springfield MA  
59 K2OG Chris Bridgeton NJ  
60 W3PFC Paul Trout Run PA  
61 WA2CRF Jack Montclair NJ  
62 W2RKJ Kevin Burlington NJ  
63 N2MHI David Basking Ridge NJ  
64 K1PGS Paul Freetown MA  
65 KA1FXK Harry Milford MA  
66 W2AEW Alan Bound Brook NJ  
67 K3MG Mike Butler PA  
68 W1JWW John Glastonbury CT  
69 N4KTL Dennis Supply NC  
70 N8FXH Hal Bridgeport WV  
71 WA1YLN Hal Wakefield RI  
72 W3AEG Milton Highland MD  
73 WA1VNO Jim Cromwell CT  
74 N4VWP Mike Chesapeake VA  
75 WA2YBG Art Levittown NY  
76 KF4OFN Bob Sanford NC  
77 KD2BQG Phil Morrisonville NY  
78 KB2KOS Joe Summerville NJ  
79 KF2JD Fred Port Norris NJ  
80 WO3T Tom Williamsburg PA  
81 NB2O Bryan Port Washington NY  
82 W3ATS Tom Scranton PA  
83 KB1WTC John New Milford CT  
84 AB1Q Bob Bedford NH  
85 N1DRS David Waymouth RI  
86 KJ4ULB Mike South MD MD  
87 W1NOV Tom Plymouth ME  
88 WB3KEY Gene RT.77  mobile WV  
89 WA8ULB Ed Moudsville WV  
90 WB3GBF Fred Pikesville MD  
91 WD8BXS Chuck Moudsville WV  
92 NG1Y Jim Hebron NH  
93 KB3NXT Joe Ashland PA  
94 K2ULF Dave Bound Brook NJ  
95 KM4UK Max Roanoke VA  
96 N8WTT Gary Harrison Twp. MI  
97 W2UHA Bud Hardwick VT  
98 WB2LOU Ted State College PA  
99 N2ETJ Rich Murrysville PA  
100 KJ4YFD Bill Jonesville NC  
101 W8CGA Mike Fredericktown OH  
102 KB1WID Tim Hookset NH  
103 VE3CBR Alan Stittsville ONT  
104 KA1FFY Ron Bradford RI  
105 KB3AAY Ron Sykesville MD  
106 K3LRH Len Georgetown DE  
107 W2QEG Carl Colts Neck NY  
108 KC2AGT John Brewster NY  
109 K2WCT Tom Rockaway NJ  
110 WO2X Brian Williamston NC  
111 W1KB Dave Plymouth MA  
112 W4GRC Greg Staunton VA  
113 KB3WGE Jimi Bethlehem PA  
114 VE9DAN Dan Chance Harbour NB  
115 VE3DXJ Rich Rockport ONT  
116 KC2AI Butch Warsaw NY  
117 AA2XB Frank Maryland NY  
118 KB3MZQ John Newark DE  
119 N4XKB Henry Coatsville PA  
120 W3MUF Charlie Morgantown WV  
121 K3PSD Paul Center Hall PA  
122 N4WJC Bill Gainsville VA  
123 W3YZM/2 Steve Adirondaks NY  
124 KD1LI Neil Foxdale MA  
125 KB1OWT Seymor Friendship ME  
126 K8TJK Tim Bellefontaine OH  
127 KD4SBJ Jim New Alexandria PA  
128 KD2OY Dave E. Meadow NY  
129 K2LJM Larry Westfield NJ  
130 KD2BRM Ernie Farmingdale NY  
131 N0BS Larry Monita VA  
132 K3VR Brian Boynton Beach FL  
133 KB3APD Larry Derry PA  
134 N3MIK Rich Conowingo MD  
135 KW4VL Victor Rose Hill VA  
136 W4WFB Charly Charlotte NC  
137 KK4BVU Tom Durham NC  
138 KA1WT Darryl Camo Hill PA  
139 NK2U Roland Pownal VT  
140 WT8D Greg Beverly OH  
141 W3GTL Gary Hagerstown MD  
142 WB2K  Ed Manalpan NJ  
143 K1JKS Jacqui Franklin  MA  
144 VE3QT Dennis Carp ONT  
145 W1NRI Jim Middletown RI  
146 N3HWH Wes Collegeville PA  
147 N2JR Richard Warrentown VA  
148 KA1WER Paul E. Longmeadow MA  
149 K1LKP Carmen Salem NH  
150 W2NAS Ron Mannahawkin NJ  
151 N3KBF Jim Rosedale MD  
152 KB1KRB Bill Waterbury CT  
153 K2MV Mike Ford NJ  
154 K2CYR Ray Bronks NY  
155 VA3ACO Angelo Brampton ONT  
156 KE4SKX Rick Woodbridge VA  
157 KB1YHC David Sharon MA  
158 KE3GT/VE3 Gary (SK) Landsdown ONT  
159 KB2YLP Gordon Lewistown NY  
160 KB3TLB Jon Lawrenceville PA  
161 N8PS Phil Richmond VA  
162 KP4EC Carlos Springfield MA  
163 N1TQ Tom Douglas MA  
164 N2ZD Rich Brick NJ  
165 WB2LUH Lenny Staten Island NY  
166 KC2FCP Tom Albany NY  
167 WK2T John Lagrangeville NY  
168 VE1IC Max S. Ohio NS  
169 WA1VNO Jim Marthas Vinyard NY  
170 W3IDJ Ron Tobyhanna PA  
171 KD2BLJ Rich Woodland Park NJ  
172 W1TNA Sid Coduit MA  
173 K1OHQ George Kingston NH  
174 W2LDL Peter Irvington NJ  
175 VE3DAI Les Sravenhhurst ONT  
176 K2QDN Mike Ridgefield NJ  
177 KB2FSB Lloyd Palmyra NY  
178 KH2EI Phil Hallertown PA  
179 WA1YJZ Rich Union City PA  
180 KB1PXQ Willie Hamden CT  
181 KC2WI Pete  Glenfield NY  
182 WF2Z Matt Elwood NJ  
183 N3WVB Chuck Aliquippa PA  
184 KK5RR Barney Pittstown ME  
185 WA1REQ Mike Heartland ME  
186 K3UXN Ed Staunton VA  
187 KA2Z Rosario Woodbridge NJ  
188 KA3VVV Tony Sharon Hill PA  
189 N2ZHD Dave Liverpool NY  
190 W3KRQ Rod Lewisburg PA  
191 KC8BOJ Ed Bedford Heights OH  
192 KZ2W Sam Johnson City NY  
193 VA3ZYZ Joe Woodbridge ONT  
194 W3WSX Chip Monessen PA  
195 WK2D John Maspeth NY  
196 K3FO Coy Wilmington DE  
197 KC2NQP Evan Havre De Grace MD  
198 AK4FB Larry Spotsylvania VA  
199 W4DMZ Steve Williamsburg VA  
200 WB2AUL John Yonkers NY  
201 W5ER Ed Boston  PA  
202 KB3SJI Barry Coatsville PA  
203 VE9WRS William Colpitts Settlement NB  
204 WB2NFL Rob Farmingville NY  
205 W1AAB Al W.Greenwich RI  
206 N1GKE Myrton Hope RI  
207 K2QMU Tom Johnsonville NY  
208 KD2CXS David Long Island City NY  
209 KD9QP Don St.Clairesville OH  
210 N3ESS Ray Landenburg PA  
211 ND8GA Gilmour Academy Gates Mills OH  
212 N3DRA John Baltimore MD  
213 KG4IIU Tom Lynchburg VA  
214 KB3SBQ Frank Riserstown MD  
215 WB8CTC Joe Blane OH  
216 KB2WXV Roy Avoca NY  
217 AC4Q Mike Rushville IN  
218 N4GRS Gerry Bushnell FL  
219 KE1MB Joe Everett MA  
220 KB9HW Don Kingman IN  
221 KB2IXT Fred Delmar NY  
222 W4WZR Bob Stanforn NC  
223 KB3FBR Joe Johnstown PA  
224 AB1RP Bob Wallingford CT  
225 KE2LK Scott Rochester NY  
226 N4GYY Frank Louisville KY  
227 KB3DOR Rob Hickville NC  
228 N1PDP Ashley Jay ME  
229 KB2HRB Tony Shirley NY  
230 W3LMR Lloyd Telford PA  
231 K2MIJ Jim Hicksville NY  
232 KC2BAP Bill Collingswood NJ  
233 KB1PXG Jim Pawtucket RI  
234 W2NPR Hector Hasbrouck Height NJ  
235 KB1UZW Peter Dennis MA  
236 KB3SNG Norm Colora MD  
237 W2CTX Ron W.Barnstable MA  
238 WA1VT Tim Rutland VT  
239 WB8VDS Ray Mentor OH  
240 N6PAT Pat Webster NY  
241 WA2GBP Joe Bangor ME  
242 AB3NN Dave Frederick MD  
243 KC2FEV Jim Bridgeport NY  
244 KB1ABC Jim Warren  CT  
245 W1SGQ Pete Hampton NH  
246 KC2ZSV Bob Newtown NJ  
247 VE3GLU Paul Guelph ONT  
248 WV8USA Chris Williamstown WV  
249 KB1VQF Joe Rawley MA  
250 WB5NN Terry Jonesboro LA  
251 KC2CPE Rich W.Longbranch NJ  
252 KD2BRN Charly Central Islip NY  
253 WB4UHW/1 JB Framingham MA  
254 KA2COP Greg Amsterdam NY  
255 KB4MNG Brian Williamstown NC  
256 N1JCW Jim Hanson MA  
257 KC2QLA Joe Manchester NJ  
258 KC2TCU Laurel Randoloh NY  
259 KL7NCO Josh Fatetteville NC  
260 KB2UXG Manny Newburgh NY  
261 KB3ZOR Greg Upper Marlboro MD  
262 VA3ECP Cliff Belleville ONT  
263 VP9BO Ken Pembroke ONT  
264 N2SIQ Tony Glenrock NJ  
265 W1KRK Kevin Mills MA  
266 N3LYT Tim Dennmark ME  
267 W6PST Jim Reno NV  
268 W2VID Stan Pine Plains NY  
269 N2BHP Tom Brentwood NY  
270 W1NLF Scott Pleasant Valley CT  
271 AA1US Kevin Lake Mills ME  
272 N2NYT John Somerset NJ  
273 KB3UDK Greg Annapolis MD  
274 W1TS Will Oxford CT  
275 KB8KMC Mike Eastlake OH  
276 N2MIR Bill Middlebury PA  
277 N3HLI Dave Warren PA  
278 N3ADF Jim I-81 mobile VA  
279 DJ5AN Jan Beesten GE  
280 K8CMD Harold Parma OH  
281 N8SCS Howard Belington WV  
282 KK4NBE Mike Norfolk VA  
283 KC2LMB Bill Trenton NJ  
284 KD8EDF Curtis Eastlake OH  
285 K2EAI Lou Tonowanda NY  
286 KB4BVP Art Louisville KY  
287 KC2IKQ Dennis Delhi NY  
288 W7DRB Jim Ipswich MA  
289 N7VEY Gene Quincy MI  
290 W5YJC Warren Adkins TX  
291 W8NIC Larry Utica MI  
292 K1SCE Jim Northfield VT  
293 WA1BXY Don Little Compton RI  
294 W4UV Britt Kernersville NC  
295 KB3VHB Steve Susquehanna PA  
296 W2UD Vince Toms River NJ  
297 N2CUA Randy Gloversville NY  
298 K2PSD Ron Randolph NJ  
299 K1RKB Rich Darien CT  
300 K1DQD Walt (SK) Bozrah CT  
301 K3JYD Fletch Points WV  
302 KB3HRD Dave Annapolis MD  
303 KC2UEY Lionel Brooklyn NY  
304 KD8SMO Fred Massilon OH  
305 KB3YJO Davy Beach Lake PA  
306 W3QN Hal Hummelston PA  
307 K4XTX Ken La Grange NC  
308 K1RZO Dave Hudson NH  
309 K2BIE George Terrytown NY  
310 W2RAD Rob Mantua NJ  
311 W3ITL Mark Fallentimber PA  
312 KB3ZUK Jeff Rockville MD  
313 W8NVC Nick Parma Heights OH  
314 W1ZZA Terry Medway MA  
315 N2HFL Ken Union City PA  
316 VA3VAW Val Guelph ONT  
317 KB1MCK Leo Leominster MA  
318 KD2DKS Tom Niverville NY  
319 KR1CKM Rich Glenville NY  
320 WA2RVJ Dave Long Island City NY  
321 KB3UHF Jeff Philadelphia PA  
322 K1RAH Ray Oxford ME  
323 N2SV Steve Amherst NY  
324 WO4MI Bob Luray VA  
325 W4LIT Gene Lebanon OH  
326 KB3VNL Mike Claymont DE  
327 W1NAL Jim Fitzwilliam NH  
328 KB3ZNL Art Manchester MD  
329 N2VOE Lambros Long Island City NY  
330 K1KDK George Sterling MA  
331 WA2ZNO Bruce Clifton Park NY  
332 KC2WSS Mike Shirley NY  
333 KC2BUD Bud Islip Terrace NY  
334 VE3LT Tom ST.Catharines ONT  
335 KD2BVX Tom Tuxedo Park NY  
336 WA2U John Clay  NY  
337 W3IWJ Erv Frederick PA  
338 WA2VOY Wayne Williamstown NJ  
339 KA2ZEP Tom Forked River NJ  
340 N3TDE Rich Swoyerville PA  
341 VA3JAZ Lou Markham ONT  
342 WA3HVR Dave Allentown PA  
343 NS4F Reginald Raleigh NC  
344 WA2KMS Bill Elmer NJ  
345 K2CB Eric Manahawkin NJ  
346 K2RU Bob Williamsburg VA  
347 W1VRP Joe Dartmouth MA  
348 WA1GCV Gene New Britain CT  
349 N2KIY Lou Brooklyn NY  
350 AA1XP Mark Winstead CT  
351 N2UIF Bill Troy NY  
352 KB1YAX Jim Mapleton ME  
353 EA3JE Luis Terrassa SP  
354 K2DJN Corning Edgecomb ME  
355 K4LXV Larry Raleigh NC  
356 VE3ZC Russ Powassan ONT  
357 WA4GO Jim Bostic NC  
358 K2SJ Bob Westville NJ  
359 KB1UZE Cody Bristol RI  
360 KD2DIG Don Massapequa NY  
361 WB3GDA Bucky Jessup MD  
362 KC2LXD Rodney Valley Stream NY  
363 N3ARW Hap Coatsville PA  
364 WG4VSP Gordon Roanoke VA  
365 NY3R Tony Lancaster PA  
366 KD2CVX Sean Hyde Park NY  
367 WA1QCE Ron Exter RI  
368 KA1SJD Jim Acushnet MA  
369 WA8UIT Dave Moreland Hills OH  
370 KE2EH Mike Pocono Lake PA  
371 KB1GKY Mike Presque Isl. ME  
372 K1GDI George Winthrop ME  
373 WE8J Melvin St.Simons Isl. GA  
374 WV8KDC Ken Keyser WV  
375 WA2ZLB Peter North Woodmere NY  
376 KJ4WZV Robert Brooksville FL  
377 KC2DIA Blair  (SK) Rome NY  
378 VA6AA Joe Mallorytown OH  
379 K1PXE Pete Milford CT  
380 K3SOM Rich Beaver Falls NY  
381 AC2GF Chuck Buffalo NY  
382 KB2TOZ Bob Lockport NY  
383 K3QQN Jim Virginia Beach VA  
384 N1WIB Larry Kensington CT  
385 W7GFN Lew Clifton  VA  
386 K2NET Ray New Windsor NY  
387 WB2USA NJ Pittstown NJ  
388 KK4HLO Doug Dentron OH  
389 KB3ZDL Don Clifton Heights PA  
390 N2NJU Pete Essex County NJ  
391 K2ADC Art Roselle Park NY  
392 KA8GUH Daniel Syracuse OH  
393 WB3GSN Kurt Wilmington DE  
394 KB1WTE James Farmington CT  
395 W3VTM Tim West Grove Pa  
396 W2NVD Bill Newark Valley NY  
397 KB1WTJ Keith Concord NH  
398 W1RDJ Doug Fairhaven MA  
399 N1PMB Don New Bedford MA  
400 WB3FKE Gary New Brighton PA  
401 WP3QV Steven New Haven CT  
402 K4EET David Seevern MD  
403 KK4MOY Van Apex NC  
404 W8LAS Larry Gaylord MI  
405 N8ULP Sean Waverly OH  
406 NL7YZ Jeff Kailua HI  
407 AK8CC Andrey Canton OH  
408 WA9BLP Ray Roselle  IL  
409 N1XXU Andy Menden CT  
410 N3JFS Dani Newark DE  
411 K4RKD Ray Memphis TN  
412 KE4RDK Rob Northeast MD  
413 KC2KAE Frank Westwood NJ  
414 KD2QDN Mike Ridgefield NJ  
415 W1KB David Plymouth MA  
416 WA1ZVH Mel Bristol CT  
417 KB3ORA Jim Forrest Hill MD  
418 N1NQC Kevin Boston  MA  
419 WB0QVB Tom Shepardsville KY  
420 K4KZ Lonnie Blythewood SC  
421 KC8MZR Eugene Huntington WV  
422 KD8UEK Keith Newark OH  
423 K3GY Don Erie PA  
424 KB3ZCZ Daylin Lewisburg PA  
425 N2MUB John Watertown NY  
426 KD2BPG Gilbert Bronx NY  
427 WW2BLS Darrayle New Burgh NY  
428 K1QAR Ted Stowe MA  
429 K1VOY John Buzzard Bay MA  
430 KB1WIO Dave Rutland VT  
431 AE3T Howard Allentown PA  
432 KB1DKY Mike Riverside RI  
433 K3VOX Lee Sebring FL  
434 KR1Z Bruce Warwick RI  
435 VE1AWT Derek Fall River NS  
436 K2WW Dean Tupper Lake NY  
437 KB1YKJ Scott Terryville CT  
438 KC2WPX Carl Amherst NY  
439 VE3VOC Clyde Toronto ONT  
440 KB1NNH Gerry E.Falmouth MA  
441 K2MU Jim Hicksville NY  
442 N1ACP John Waterford CT  
443 WA2AHK John Horseheads NY  
444 W3RVN Joe Fayette City PA  
445 N2KKL Pauline (SK) Waterville NY  
446 KB1ESU Charly Nutting Lake MA  
447 VE3NKN Dave Winona ONT  
448 N1CAI Charlie Medway MA  
449 K3JD Rich Seaford DE  
450 KB3UNW Joe Beaver Springs PA  
451 KB1USP Dave Methuen MA  
452 W1DFL Daniel Georgetown MA  
453 WB1AAL Jeff Morgantown WV  
454 KF4BZY Barry Creston WV  
455 KB3VQL Jay Scott Township PA  
456 KC2PLR John Hoffmeister NY  
457 KC2KPK Carl Hilton NY  
458 KB8FYG Tom Bloomingdale OH  
459 N2EDX Phil Freehold NJ  
460 KA1QIY Joel Needham MA  
461 KC2PGM Tim New York NY  
462 KA1ID David Perkinsville VT  
463 VE3JEA Gary Strathroy ONT  
464 KC2RFE John Lockport NY  
465 KI3H Jon Renfrew PA  
466 KC2SUL Henry Parish NY  
467 K2ZVL Van Indian Lake NY  
468 AB3PP Calvin Towson MD  
469 N2SOM Juan Port Jervis NJ  
470 KC2TXR Daniel New York NY  
471 N5EQY Walt Colerain NC  
472 KK4LYN Mike Maclenny FL  
473 W1RDA Bob Lebanon CT  
474 WA4TBR Orin Greensboro NC  
475 NC1T Frank Meredith NH  
476 KB4ITB Larry Pensacola FL  
477 WA2U John Clay NY  
478 W1KB David Plymouth MA  
479 AB3GB Bob Worcester PA  
480 N2AUO Gary Bangor PA  
481 W2SCW Jerry Brooklyn NY  
482 AB3IY Richard Bear DE  
483 NM1Y Jeff Deep River CT  
484 VE3ABG Joe Lowbanks ONT  
485 N1BMT Rob E. Bridgewater MA  
486 N1DRS Dave Waymouth MA  
487 W2KWO Keith Bainbridge NY  
488 N8SAC Dale Huntington WV  
489 K3MY Barry East Aurora NY  
490 K3PSD Paul Centre Hall PA  
491 WA2U John Clay NY  
492 N4JDL Johnston Clayton NC  
493 KE4BVP Tim Deerfield VA  
494 WA2WHV Jim Middletown NJ  
495 KD8PMB Marshall Belington WV  
496 KJ8Z John Pleasant Hills OH   
497 K3KHG Dean Pasadena MD  
498 KC2GMJ Ken Cheektowaga NY  
499 WB3DYE Bob Foster Twp. PA  
500 AD2CM Art Cape May NJ  
501 KC2PRL John Rome NY  
502 WD4AQB Bob Sisson WV  
503 KB6NU Dan Ann Arbor MI  
504 N1ORW Carl West Haven CT  
505 KD2HWG Bill Fort Washington PA  
506 W2LEI George Elisabethtown PA  
507 KD2DOO Neil Williamstown NJ  
508 W3JSW Joe Millville PA  
509 K4DCN Bob Orange VA  
510 KC2YXN Kathy Clay NY  
511 NB6V/4 Jim Kilnarnock VA  
512 K2PHD Jim Dover NJ  
513 VE1RV Roger Point-Du-Chene NB  
514 KA1GWD Jack Airville PA  
515 KD8WSL Bill Morenci MI  
516 KC2YAV Tony E. Durham NY  
517 K1MTD Mary Andover CT  
518 KD1BC Warren Halliston MA  
519 KA3GWD Jack Airville PA  
520 W2VTJ Tony Germantown NY  
521 W2IT Roy Pittsford NY  
522 W1SRV Jim Haverhill MA  
523 W9JOP Bob Bealton VA  
524 VE3UFA Nick Maple ONT  
525 K1MIB Mike East Windsor CT  
526 KF5PLO Kathy Pelahatchie MS  
527 KC2TRX Daniel New York NY  
528 AK4BQ Glenn Fredericksburg VA  
529 KD2AMZ Mike Dresden ME  
530 VA3QV Bob Ottawa ONT  
531 VA3TIC Tim Kingston ONT  
532 N3GRH David Emmaus PA  
533 K4GEW Gerry New Bern NC  
534 KE2VX Alan Medford NJ  
535 WB1DJM Bill N. Attleboro MA  
536 KB1LV Bent Wells VT  
537 KF8PM Allen Westlake OH  
538 N2JTV Geno Deer Park NY  
539 N8XLJ Tim Toledo OH  
540 W2NVW Fred Norfolk NY  
541 K2RGX Peter Somers CT  
542 K2IPX Bill Kenvil NJ  
543 N2YLD Eugene Staten Island NY  
544 K4SHP Jason Green Sea SC  
545 KB3VEX Melissa Silver Spring MD  
546 KB3WOA Forrest Knolls A.R.C Silver Spring MD  
547 W3TDX Joe Philadelphia PA  
548 WS1MA Wilbur Southfield MA  
549 K3AKE Leon Randallstown MD  
550 KE8ZZ Ed Brooklyn OH  
551 NA4L Dave Hillsville VA  
552 KK4QYS Steve Norfolk VA  
553 KB3FEB Bill JR. Upper Marlboro MD  
554 VA3YG Brent Southampton ONT  
555 N2FHO Mike W. Henrietta NY  
556 K0JIC Sid Maplewood NJ  
557 KJ4JPY Brian Newport News VA  
558 WW2KW Tom Brooklyn NY  
559 K3MFT Rick Lyon Station PA  
560 WR2B Joe Hakkenstown NJ  
561 W2RON Ron Milton VT  
562 KB4YRD Tim Spartanburg SC  
563 W2LRO Dominic Metuchen NJ  
564 KB1TJI Jeff Walpole MA  
565 N2OEY Gerry West Milford NJ  
566 W2WB Jon Auburn NY  
567 N2YEG Bill Jackson NJ  
568 KK4QYS Steve Norfolk VA  
569 WA3GYG Gerry Spring Mills PA  
570 AK4HY Otis Roanoke VA   
571 WD8MDF Dan Akron OH  
572 K3BOY Mike Norristown PA  
573 WA1FFT Ray Oakhurst NJ  
574 K2TQN John Egg Harbor NJ  
575 AF1US Brian Chantilly VA  
576 ND2G Wayne (SK) Alden NY  
577 K3ACJ Tioga Tioga PA  
578 KB3QBM Alex Butler PA  
579 VE3LHN Mike Oshawa ONT  
580 VA3DVT Jim Ingersoll ONT  
581 K2EDW Ed Medina NY  
582 K1WYC Bob W. Warwick RI  
583 KA1TM Larry Bristol RI  
584 K8EI Loyd Lovettsville VA  
585 KD2EPQ Pierre Lewiston NY  
586 W3OJO Joe Wade NC  
587 W2BZT Brian Napanoch NY  
588 W1JON John West Haven CT  
589 KC2PGF Mike West Babylon NY  
590 KD2DMD Rich Pennsburg PA  
591 KD8PPP Vic Lost Creek WV  
592 KE2WX Dave Valatie NY  
593 N8LRO Art Ironton OH  
594 K2LVR Bob N. Tonawanda NY  
595 VE3CZI Norm Burlington ONT  
596 KD8PNJ Jack Quinwood WV  
597 K5WVA Joe Walker WV  
598 KD2CDK Ari Passaic NJ  
599 W2FBS Rich Webster NY  
600 VE3INZ Russ Powassan ONT  
601 W2XM Bob Albany NY  
602 W3SMF Ed Camp Hill PA  
603 KC2GCY Kevin Ballston Spa NY  
604 VE3OWE Jason Karata ONT  
605 K1BTD Keith Plainfield CT  
606 KB3RUN Herm Collegeville PA  
607 VE1ILN Weldon Weymouth ONT  
608 KF4VZM Mike Arjay KY  
609 KB2PSI Vinnie Staten Island NY  
610 KB8DC Larry Holly MI  
611 AK2Q George Fultonville NY  
612 K1GND Jim Johnston RI  
613 N8ADB Ray Dearborn Hts. MI  
614 KC2KJ Mike Merchantville NJ  
615 W2PSU Ken Rochelle Park NJ  
616 N1HIY Tom Salem MA  
617 N8CR Dennis Sterling Heights MI  
618 K2LDM John Little Egg Harbor NJ  
619 W1SNE Allen Chepachet RI  
620 KC3AOS Dave Fairchance PA  
621 N2LMJ Bruce Massena NY  
622 KV4PW Alex Roanoke VA  
623 N8PS Phil Clayton OH  
624 K3MYK George Warrington PA  
625 KD8RZQ Sean Carrolton OH  
626 W2PTH Stu Cherry Hill NJ  
627 KA4DLW Bill Tullahoma TN  
628 N2QN Ozzie Stamford CT  
629 WA2ELB Chris Bethlehem PA  
630 N3AYA Roger Wilmington DE  
631 WA2RVJ Bob Millville NJ  
632 KB1WUP Allan Cranston RI  
633 KI8JL Roy Waterford MI  
634 WA2CXR Jay Dix Hills NY  
635 KD8GUA Brad Powell OH  
636 K3EZU Phil Doylestown PA  
637 KV8X Allen N. Muskegon MI  
638 KA2NBB Rich Little Egg Harbor NJ  
639 N4EUQ Daniel Rustburg VA  
640 N2CME Peter Conbleskill NY  
641 WA2CB Bob Millville NJ  
642 W4AKO Arno Orlean VA  
643 W3HD Tony Lancaster PA  
644 KE2AA Paul Girard PA  
645 KB9HVV Donald Kimgman IN  
646 K1WCC Henry E. Falmouth MA  
647 W9VS Gary Milton WI  
648 KX3DM Donald Eighty Four PA  
649 K9TBD Joel Easton PA  
650 KC2CZK Rich Solvay NY  
651 W8VFP Dave Kingsville OH  
652 N3AIF Larry Baltimore MD  
653 KB3YUY Darla Stewartstown PA  
654 KB3DHG Rob Etters PA  
655 KC2GRL Rob Marlboro NJ  
656 KI4WCK Charly Henrico VA  
657 KC3YAV Tony E. Durham NY  
658 K2QBV Joel Pamona NY  
659 N8TRW Dave Winchester TN  
660 KY3F Joe Captico MD  
661 W3PAV Robert Pasadena MD  
662 KC2KKQ Charles Jamaica NY  
663 KK4VDL Terry Spartanburg NC  
664 KB1ZHU Don Barrington NH  
665 AF9B Mike Ashburn VA  
666 N3SHM Jim Philadelphia PA  
667 KD2CTG Frank Waretown NJ  
668 WB2QBT Rocco Oceanside NY  
669 KD2DYZ Chris Massapequa NY  
670 W3HRS John Somewhere In… PA  
671 W4BOS George Herndon VA  
672 N4DLT David Cherryville NC  
673 AC0SL Dorian Denver Co  
674 K1JNX Bruce Washington IN  
675 KB2DHG Lou Campbell Hall NY  
676 K4GRP Chuck Colombus OH  
677 KC2ZCG Dave Lancaster PA  
678 N3AJB Jon Lewisberry PA  
679 WG3FU Ken Union City PA  
680 WD4CW Clifton Lyles WV  
681 AA4JI Larry Elora TN  
682 KB1JZR Walter Wakefield RI  
683 KC3BER Lou Morrisonville PA  
684 N1YAN Don Revere MA  
685 KB1JJX Ray Manchester CT  
686 N3VS Tom Tunkhannok PA  
687 N1QXJ Bob Patten ME  
688 WA1SLD Gerry Norton MA  
689 WZ4DAY Jerry Sturgis KY  
690 KC8IKW Joe Lincoln Park MI  
691 K2PIC John Toms River NJ  
692 W2WTP Jesse Ardmore PA  
693 W2REA Terry Jamestown NY  
694 WA2TIO Gerry Cresco PA  
695 KB3CAY Alan Damascus MD  
696 N2PGN Julio Peekskill NY  
697 KI4LYU Frank Bedford VA  
698 KC2BVP Mike Howell NJ  
699 WA3LT Walter Pine Hill NJ  
700 KF4RKD Charly Fuquay Varina NC  
701 VE3PFK Peter Walkertown ONT  
702 KN3DZY Jim New Tripoli PA  
703 KB1YVW Dave Amesbury MA  
704 W4ILB Joe Summerville SC  
705 W1OOR Eric Rutland VT  
706 KC2VVH Bill Munnsville NY  
707 K1PLH Peter Bolton MA  
708 AC2T Paul Yonkers NY  
709 AB1UX Neil Simbsbury CT  
710 W1SKP Skip Wallingford CT  
711 KJ4VTP Ken Manassas VA  
712 N2LUV Jamie Hurleyville NY  
713 W9FFT Jim Roanoke IN  
714 W9SPM Steve FT. Wayne IN  
715 N3FHC Jim Coudersport PA  
716 WD8W Wiley Benwood WV  
717 N3TIR Bob W. Alexander PA  
718 KA1FXK Harry Milford MA  
719 NE2Y Russ Westmont NJ  
720 KE7WWT Maurice Fort Drum NY  
721 AA1YY Peter Greenfield MA  
722 KC1ACB Stan Dayville CT  
723 WA3FZD Bob Kutztown PA  
724 KK4KHU Bob Newport News VA  
725 W2DDS Dennis Forked River NJ  
726 K1TMA Al Westfield MA  
727 N1SP Randy Bennington VT  
728 K4ABT Buck Ervington VA  
729 KC1AVB John Wilbraham MA  
730 K8SG Speed Grand Rapids MI  
731 KC3BPO Stan Middletown DE  
732 KE1MB Joe N. Andover MA  
733 KB3YIN Rich McKeesport PA  
734 KB1YXN Bob Middleboro MA  
735 KB3NZJ Jerry Millsboro DE  
736 VE3BJR Louis Sarina ONT  
737 W1LCJ Bill Uncasville CT  
738 VE3DAI Les Gravenhurst ONT  
739 N3BGI Tim Dunbar PA  
740 KB1WID Tim Hooksett NH  
741 KD8ECQ Dave University Heights PA  
742 KF8UU Lester Oak Park MI  
743 AH6FF Harry Falls Church PA  
744 K2KWO Maurice Newark NJ  
745 W4TDS Tom Talladega AL  
746 K4PCJ Paul Gastonia NC  
747 K4PLB Paul Molita VA  
748 N1NJY Mark Monson MA  
749 KC5UEQ James Caribou ME  
750 N2EHG Dave Bronxs NY  
751 KB2UDC Bob Edison NJ  
752 N1ELC Goerge W. Woburn MA  
753 WX1MAN Paul Delmar MD  
754 AC4I Ralph Great Falls VA  
755 N3XZI Allen Coatsville PA  
756 W2LCQ Ed New York NY  
757 WB2QDT Jim Summit NY  
758 K3TAZ August Finksburg MD  
759 W1FWE Jim Ledyard CT  
760 KC2ZOL Tim Forked River NJ  
761 KB9MUE Carl Madison NJ  
762 WJ9E Mike Rushville IN  
763 VE3LWW Lincoln Pigeon Lake ONT  
764 KW2Q Roger W.Henrietta NY  
765 WA3IWF Bob Johnstown PA  
766 K2VI Tony Virginia Beach VA  
767 KC9IOH Joe Indianapolis IN  
768 KC1AEO Rich Ludlow MA  
769 W3ZR Bob Eagles Mere PA  
770 NK1V Dave Winstead CT  
771 KB1QIB Chris Presque Isl. ME  
772 KB4ZOI Tom Mebane NC  
773 WA1NLR Bill Gorham ME  
774 K5YC Jim Lovington NM  
775 KB3FBM Lee Colora MD  
776 W2UIS Mark Wallkill NY  
777 N2FMS Harold Dansville NY  
778 N1LU Charlie Stanford CT  
779 N2BUE Ron Gibbstown NJ  
780 W4AUV Dale Raleigh NC  
781 K1PQY John N. Hampton NH  
782 KK4JOZ Gil Eden NC  
783 KC1II Don Hanover MA  
784 N2MLP Brian E.Stroudsburg PA  
785 N2DLI Tim Newburgh NY  
786 N1MZJ Kevin Lisbon ME  
787 KJ4SSX Joe King William VA  
788 W3END John York PA  
789 KC2SSQ Warren Whiting NJ  
790 W1DWA Charlie Harwich MA  
791 K2AHC Gary Delanson NY  
792 W1VPB Charlie Harwich MA  
793 W2NG Rich Waterbury CT  
794 W1CGI Tony Pawcatuck CT  
795 KA1YFL Felix Waterbury CT  
796 KD2PTM Paul Le Roy NY  
797 WB2SME Earnie Farmingdale NY  
798 KD8RKN Frank Toledo OH  
799 KD8LDE Aron Cleveland OH  
800 N2BFD Harold New Tazwell TN  
801 WA3HJJ Mike Buena Vista VA  
802 W100AW Tom (W2TRR) Newington CT  
803 KU3X Barry Bethlehem PA  
804 KB1HRN Mikey Peabody MA  
805 N3BHM Matt N. Cape May NJ  
806 KB2RHN Jim Egg Harbor City    
807 N2IEL Neil Highland Lakes NJ  
808 VA3AI Brett Orleans ONT  
809 K8JHR James Wyoming MI  
810 KD2BMX Peter Nanuet NY  
811 N1EJH Ed Lunemburg MA  
812 W8JGS John Rock Hill SC  
813 KD8WK Rob Pickerington OH  
814 W1JEB Jim Providence RI  
815 KA9OUT Alex Lafayette IN  
816 KM4IJP Cliff King NC  
817 K4FHC Fred Goldsboro NC  
818 WI2Q Dave Landing NJ  
819 KD2BXB Jeff Marlton NJ  
820 W1BM Bob N. Attleboro MA  
821 WU2Q Tom Tuxedo Park NY  
822 WB2ICQ Bob Coram NY  
823 WD8MIQ Mike Whipple OH  
824 W2IBT Larry Washingtonville NY  
825 KD8XB Rich Lisbon OH  
826 W0FRU Jack Emporia KS  
827 K1GNR Phil Worcester MA  
828 N4DBX Harold Kernersville NC  
829 W8EDW Ed Reynoldsburg OH  
830 KE8NJ Rich Alpena MI  
831 N2ZPI Fred Syracuse NY  
832 KJ4PUN Gary Edinburg VA  
833 KJ4INB Doug Newcastle PA  
834 KD1VT Dave Plainfield VT  
835 W1KR David Montpelier VT  
836 N4FCH Anthony Floyd County A.R.C. VA  
837 KB1SFD Joe Johnston RI  
838 SP3CMX Mietek Gorzow POL  
839 N3JAB Jose Allentown PA   
840 KB3USC Bill Bowie MD  
841 W3SSF Ron Cantonsville MD  
842 KD2DMR Jeremy Ripley NY  
843 K4IJP Cliff King NC  
844 N4NIL Harrison Chesterfield VA  
845 N2RWC Ron Binghamton NY  
846 WS3Q Bill Beach Lake PA  
847 W2SSX Suffolk Stony Brook NY  
848 N2LBL Tracy Rochelle  NJ  
849 KC2ATK John Heislerville NJ  
850 WA2JWR Lee Toms River NJ  
851 W1ACO William Pembroke MA  
852 N2NYT John Somerset NJ  
853 KC2QER Bill Milton  DE  
854 NN5SS Jim Minneapolis P/VT. MN  
855 KB1DPD Bob Gardner MA  
856 WA1PNH Mike North Adams MA  
857 KC2MMC Terry Orange NJ  
858 W3DEL Chuck Milton DE  
859 WB2SPF Larry Iselin NJ  
860 N3LQS Lester Berwick PA  
861 VE3QDX Brett Bath ONT  
862 WA1GOV Art E. Taunton MA  
863 W2EQZ Marvin Townsend DE  
864 WV3P Leonard Linfield PA  
865 KD1UU Earl Chicopee MA  
866 KB1LGX Larry Fitchburg MA  
867 KG2SA David Petersburg NY  
868 VE3RTD Omar Brampton ONT  
869 K3ATY Kathy Newark DE  
870 KE3CK Frank Greenville PA  
871 WF8I Dave Toledo OH  
872 KM4ADJ Marty Hillsboro NC  
873 KK1P Kevin Millis MA  
874 KD4CI Roger Asheville NC  
875 K8RRF Fred Amsterdam OH  
876 KB3SNG Norm Colora MD  
877 W3BCW Brooks Bethesda MD  
878 K2PSW Peter Corning NY  
879 KO3Q Malcom Shawnee On The Del. PA  
880 KA1PTW Bill Brookfield NH  
881 KD2DUL Steve Princeton NJ  
882 W1VCM Chris Windsor   Vintage R.M. CT  
883 KA2ILJ Dewitt Edmeston NY  
884 K3WX Tony Silver Spring MD  
885 W1TPK George Riverside CT  
886 K3CJW Corey Chesapeake Beach MD  
887 W1GAC Gary Bridgewater MA  
888 AB2VI Ed Cape May NJ  
889 KB1KVL Ken Abington MA  
890 W2JV Peter Massapequa NY  
891 KC2VXM Matt New Rochelle NY  
892 K4SDC Steve Bracy VA  
893 W2GKA Harold Williamsville NY  
894 WO2X Dave Pequannock NJ  
895 W8GB Greg Cuyahoga Falls OH  
896 KK4SGF Craig Albany GA  
897 N8DEA Dean Marblehead OH  
898 KE1LA Joel Strong ME  
899 WA1SHM Mark Ashland MA  
900 N1UHF Ed North Berwick ME  
901 K2MF Barry Lutz FL  
902 WB4WAA Oliver Rocky Mount NC  
903 N2CEP Joe N. Brunswick NJ  
904 KR4NU Rich Wilmington NC  
905 KD8ECQ Dave Chesterland OH  
906 AB1QX Pete Syracuse NY  
907 KC2MBB John Massena NY  
908 KB8OKJ Jerry Freeland MI  
909 VE3YX Robert Deep River ONT  
910 VE3VTG Enzo Woodbridge ONT  
911 AA3VV Ralph Newark DE  
912 NQ2T John Lititz PA  
913 N4BOJ John Wallsburg NC  
914 WB3CCW Emmitt Brockway PA  
915 WW3R Dick Edgewater MD  
916 KB3TLE Frank Monongahela PA  
917 N3LYT Tim Brownfield ME  
918 N2QEG Carl Colts Neck NJ  
919 KJ4YFH Happ Silver Spring MD  
920 KB1LE Rich Bristol CT  
921 N2KUO Jack Lakewood PA  
922 WB2SRF Bob Staten Island NY  
923 N2ZPV John Middletown NY  
924 WB1VFK Bruce Gloucester MA  
925 K0YLW Jeff Warner NH  
926 VE3WFL Willie Leamington ONT  
927 K3TEG Tim Sunbury PA  
928 KB3ZFP Tony E.Cameron PA  
929 K1HUD Jon S. Dennis MA  
930 N1LQS Doug Fairfield CT  
931 NA4N Greg Amissville VA  
932 KB3RQ Dann York PA  
933 KB3IRR John Effort PA  
934 WA4KYK Bert Baltimore MD  
935 W1JWC Jerry Lanesboro MA  
936 AB1VF Jeff West Newton MA  
937 KB1IXI Brian Cohasset MA  
938 KI4NSP Tom Arapahoe NC  
939 K1KXN Ray Bedford NH  
940 KC2PLR John Rome NY  
941 KB1VDX Josh Charlotte ME  
942 AB2YG Tom Woodbury NJ  
943 VE3DKS David Toronto ONT  
944 KK4RDO Eric Midway Park NC  
945 KC9QCJ Wayne Upland IN  
946 KJ4WHO Rich Greenville SC  
947 N0LOT Paul Troy VT  
948 KW3I Joe Rochester PA  
949 KB1LV Bent Wells VT  
950 N3EKO Ron Baltimore MD  
951 WA2OOO Bill Woodstock NY  
952 W2ISB Gerd La Fayette NY  
953 N8NSN Jim Huber Heights OH  
954 KA1MAF Dave Jewett Cuty CT  
955 KR3JA Jim Bethel Park PA  
956 KC2KAE Frank Westwood NJ  
957 KC2WSS Mike Shirley NY  
958 KD2DKR Joe Castleton NY  
959 WB2USA John Pittstown NJ  
960 KC2VVX Milton Auburn NY  
961 WB2JK Joe Corfu NY  
962 W1DQD John Holliston MA  
963 K3SRO Bob N. Wales PA  
964 WA4D Mike Charlottesville VA  
965 K2ULF Dave Bound Brook NJ  
966 N3TFS Edgar Landover MD  
967 WA1EXA Mark W. Yarmouth MA  
968 K2WAS Mark Buffalo NY  
969 KF3M Harry New Freedom PA  
970 KB1RB Phil Bridgeport CT  
971 KB3VKN Bill Scranton PA  
972 K8SAS Steve Garfield Heights OH  
973 N5XDM Dene Amherst NY  
974 KB3SSZ Gerry Mount Joy PA  
975 W4XRP Ron Mount Airy NC  
976 KC2EM Walt Victor NY  
977 W1UUU Larry Andover MA  
978 WA3YRE Brett Brooklyn NY  
979 W8KLK Phil Middlefield OH  
980 AB1VJ Drew Westport CT  
981 WA2FON Marc Schenectady CT  
982 VE3BEW Brian Toronto ONT  
983 W1WQG Bruce Bozrah CT  
984 W3AAX Jason Severna Park MD  
985 VE3ACO Angelo Brampton ONT  
986 VE3BLB Dave Pembroke ONT  
987 WB2PVY Carl Brooklyn NY  
988 VE3UFA Nick Maple ONT  
989 KD1AO Jim Woodbury CT  
990 KD2GSX Robert Glen Cove NY  
991 W2UHA Bud Hardwick VT  
992 NX3Z Jim Phoenix MD  
993 AE4WC Clark Roanoke VA  
994 N2AUG Rich Morris Plains NJ  
995 AE8DE Dennis Plainsville OH  
996 WA2USA Dennis Newburgh IN  
997 W1NOV Tom Plymouth MD  
998 KB3MLT John Wilmington DE  
999 K3KKH Stan Wayne NJ  
1000 KC3BYC Roy Danville PA  
1001 N8UKC Bill Falling Waters WV  
1002 N3BEB Jim Watertown CT  
1003 KK4SBE Aaron Volga WV  
1004 AC2GI Rich Haledon NJ  
1005 NU1O Chris Longmeadow MA  
1006 N1CKQ John Palmer MA  
1007 KB3IUL Mike Newark DE  
1008 KD2HBZ Mike Liberty NY  
1009 AJ1U Jonathan Woodbury CT  
1010 K8TJK Tim Bellefontaine OH  
1011 KB1LCG Norman Warren ME  
1012 KA1EZH Ken Attleboro MA  
1013 KB2GZH Wayne Detroin ME  
1014 KC3CIL Ephrata Lancaster PA  
1015 W4ARF Rich Chesapeake  VA  
1016 W2HL Howard Fort Tilden NY   
1017 K1WYC Bob West Warwick RI  
1018 KI4ECU Mark Raven VA  
1019 K3DRT Don Fawn Grove PA  
1020 N5DXM Dene E. Amherst NY  
1021 KD2GSK Steve Wampsville NY  
1022 K2CYS CY Ocean Twp. NJ  
1023 AB1DJ Emmitt Cranston RI  
1024 N3TTC Al Lemoyne PA  
1025 WA1YJZ Rich Union City PA  
1026 VA3RDY Randy Otterville ONT  
1027 WB3GSN Kurt Wilmington DE  
1028 KC1ZF Bo Derry NH  
1029 W3DVY John Collegeville PA  
1030 KB3PSP Ken Orangeville PA  
1031 W3CAT Ken Takoma Park MD  
1032 KC2CQS Pete Sidney Center NY  
1033 N2WJR Walter Castleton NY   
1034 N1OJO Dan Hermon ME  
1035 KA2OFM Bill White Plains NY  
1036 W2ACR Steve Shortsville NY  
1037 N2SQS JB Clifton Park NY  
1038 NC2T Cliff Hoosick Falls NY  
1039 KB2KEI Ron Woodbine NJ  
1040 K3OIL Howard Manteo NC  
1041 W1DIG Lou Prospect CT  
1042 K3PRP Keith Rockville MD  
1043 KC1BNP Ramon Fairfield CT  
1044 N3IBX Joe Washington Crossing PA   
1045 KD2DAS Jared Schenectaty NY  
1046 KT1NG Tad Brooklyn CT  
1047 KB3IBT Daniel Bristol PA  
1048 KJ1K Sigurd Pittsford MA  
1049 KC8LJG Paul Hedgesville WV  
1050 KB1OF Lionel Searsport ME  
1051 N1WO Mike Windsor Lake CT  
1052 KA3EXC John Ellicott MD  
1053 W2DI Joe Morrestown NJ  
1054 NW3O Doug Pensacola FL  
1055 KB3VXB Frank Hegins PA  
1056 KB3ZIM Bobb Coatesville PA  
1057 K3EUI Barry Westchester PA  
1058 KA1PPG Neil Medfield MA  
1059 KD2BYI Bruce Brewburgh NY  
1060 N8ESS Larry Villas,  Cape May NJ  
1061 K3MBN Art New Kent VA  
1062 AD2EE Mike Brooklyn NY  
1063 K3OET Dale Elisabettown PA  
1064 AB3GB Bob Worcester PA  
1065 N3PPK John Benton PA  
1066 KA1EFD Jack E. Haven CT  
1067 N2RIO Tony Staten Island NY  
1068 WB8SQJ Jay Dorr MI  
1069 W3BZN Tom Altoona PA  
1070 N2MCC Paul Staten Island NY  
1071 W3ELE Tony Stanley VA  
1072 W3RKT Rich Carnegie PA  
1073 KD2BBC W. Nyack Miguel MY  
1074 VE3BWP Brian Calderon ONT  
1075 W2EQZ Marvin Townsend DE  
1076 KG4GMY Paul Gloucester VA  
1077 AC8RK Bill Westerville OH  
1078 N2GEM Gary Yonkers NY  
1079 KD2BMU Dave Hammond NY  
1080 K8MDX Colin Ypsilanti MI  
1081 K1DOA Joe Chesapeake VA  
1082 KD2GHL Dave Cold Brook NY  
1083 WC1T Hugh Framingham MA  
1084 NV2A Ray Stryk NY  
1085 KC8UEG Bob West Union WV  
1086 N1LEY Tim E. Haddam CT  
1087 N1FQV Peter Lynn MA  
1088 N1CNV Bill Newington CT  
1089 AC2NG Maria Wurtsboro NY  
1090 KB1PSL Art New Canaan CT  
1091 N1ID John Haddam CT  
1092 VE3HR Russ Powassan ONT  
1093 KC2GQV Brian Fayetteville NY  
1094 KC2SP Steve Williamsville NY  
1095 K5AC Tim Fort Worth TX  
1096 KM4DSX Terry Lyman SC  
1097 KC2OMU Darrin Milltown NJ  
1098 W3DVE Rick Homstead PA  
1099 W3RAL Ron Lake Ariel PA  
1100 AA1PR Brandon W. Rutland VT  
1101 VE3PSV Shawn Kitchener ONT  
1102 WA2SFT Greg Cookeville TN  
1103 KB3DOR Bob Hickory NC  
1104 W3KRQ Rod Lewisburg PA  
1105 KA1LB Paul Sprinfield MA  
1106 W3CWE Dave Lancaster PA  
1107 AC8EL Bob (SK) Orwell OH  
1108 KD8YVC Dave Washington  WV  
1109 G0JKN Nigel Wapplingers Falls NY  
1110 KS3X Enoch Philadelphia PA  
1111 KK4ZIP Taylor Fairlawn VA  
1112 KD8IUU Stan Galena OH  
1113 AC2OX Les Selkirk NY  
1114 N3BNQ Bill Manchester PA  
1115 W1NED Ed Wrentham MA  
1116 N1JCW Jim Hanson MA  
1117 W2YPT Vince Dumfries VA  
1118 WA3HDW Dave Shrewsbury PA  
1119 K3HSK Dave Rome PA  
1120 K4REB Joe Havelock NC  
1121 KD2ELY Paul South Amboy NJ  
1122 WA1OBD Bill Leominster MA  
1123 W1BBJ Mike Pembroke MA  
1124 WB2GLW Mike Lake Ronkokoma NY  
1125 N2ESS Larry Villas,  Cape May NJ  
1126 NU1G Nelson Manchester NH  
1127 VE3FMC Rick St. Thomas ONT  
1128 W2GIO Frank Fishkill NY  
1129 NA3V Jim Huntington PA  
1130 KD2ABX Mark (SK) Haddon Heights NJ  
1131 N1XZW Charly W. Warwick RI  
1132 W2YN Mark Grand Island NY  
1133 K2MWU Alan Thiells NY  
1134 KC8IKW Joe Lincoln Park MI  
1135 N2SAL Sal Middletown NJ  
1136 KD2HLK Mike Bridgewater NJ  
1137 KB3TII Scott Lock  Haven PA  
1138 KA2TPK Peter Bluemont VA  
1139 N2RDA Robert Wayne NJ  
1140 VE2WAB Gene Mont- Tremblant CAN  
1141 AC3SS Sergio Crofton MD  
1142 N4EUK Steve Reston VA  
1143 N1XCR Andy Norwich    CT  
1144 9A4ZZ Mladen Zagreb CRO  
1145 KF4CRG Massimo Powhatan VA  
1146 AC8PT Scott Granville OH  
1147 W0YY Larry Sunrise Beach MO  
1148 VE2ZBI Alain Becancour CAN  
1149 KA4CZL Steve Falcon NC  
1150 KD2CWA Chris Chittenango NY  
1151 N2IIE Ron Manalapan NJ  
1152 KF7NYM Steve Republic WA  
1153 WA1UFO Hans Conway NH  
1154 W1RDJ Doug Fairhaven MA  
1155 W8FCD Steve South Lyon MI  
1156 NQ3N Bob Cape May Court House NJ  
1157 KC2FKW May Clara NY  
1158 KD2ESZ Bill Bellmore NY  
1159 KW4CR John Norfolk VA  
1160 AC8PT Scott Granville OH  
1161 W8RMJ Phil Germantown OH  
1162 KC3ANJ Charlie Dundalk MD  
1163 N2BHA Vaughn Rome NY  
1164 W1HAI Joe Natick MA  
1165 KA3UDR Steve Manns Choice PA  
1166 W2NYY Craig Barnegat NJ  
1167 K3NDM Martin Annapolis MD  
1168 K2YN John Florham Park NJ  
1169 AB2UE Terry E. Aurora NY  
1170 KC2KKQ Charles Jamaica NY  
1171 N2SAC John Peekskill NY  
1172 KD8YGQ Jamie Steubenville OH  
1173 WA2IWC Don New York NY  
1174 W1MSG Craig N. Oxford MA  
1175 W3AMC Dave Fogelsville PA  
1176 W3SEB Sergio Pocono Summit PA  
1177 W3HD Tony Lancaster PA  
1178 N2HLH Dave Lockwood NY  
1179 W2FSB Rich Webster NY  
1180 K1MKC John W. Rocksbury MA  
1181 WU2E John Manahawkin NJ  
1182 N2XJS Tony Woodhaven NY  
1183 N1HM John Wilbraham MA  
1184 K1LLR Paul Fremont NH  
1185 KB3TQH Shawn Gillett PA  
1186 W8LMG Mac Seebert WV  
1187 KD2FQQ Blake Mount Holly NJ  
1188 W1RDA Bob Lebanon CT  
1189 W3CRR Craig Silver Spring MD  
1190 N3YYZ Dave Williamstown NJ  
1191 KC4QYU Wade Morganton NC  
1192 KC2CZK Rich Solvay NY  
1193 N1YAE George Hebron NH  
1194 WB2GMY John W. Hempstead NY  
1195 WA2CB Bob Millville NJ  
1196 K2WML Bill Albany NY  
1197 KC2BE Randy Bellmawr NJ  
1198 KD2BKT Joe Manahawkin NJ  
1199 N3UGY Jim Boyertown PA  
1200 K9SRV John Glen Ellyn IL  
1201 KD8VNN Steve Charleston WV  
1202 KC1DXD Dennis Winterport ME  
1203 KF4VGV Rick Myrtle Beach SC  
1204 W1ERP Earl Sanford ME  
1205 NM8D Mike Clarksburg WV  
1206 W2LMM Lou Massapequa NY  
1207 KB2LOI Ralf Hamilton Square NJ  
1208 K1PIX Steve Winstead CT  
1209 AI4OT Charles Arlington VA  
1210 WX2H Rich Union  NJ  
1211 W1DRG Dick North Conway NH  
1212 WA2ADS Alex Buena NJ  
1213 KD2HRN Ron Salamanca NY  
1214 WB1HAB Bob Feeding Hills NJ  
1215 WA3VYP Roger Aspers PA  
1216 N4DR Mike Rockville MD  
1217 K1HIY Tom Salem MA  
1218 W3FNZ Walt Straudsburg PA  
1219 K2BEW Tom Valatie NY  
1220 W2YM Mark Grand Island NY  
1221 WA2NDA Ed Forked River NJ  
1222 KA3NRJ Bill Coopersburg PA  
1223 N2YIR Joe Pennsville NJ  
1224 KD1NA Dave Groveland MA  
1225 WA4QMS Dennis Arlington VA  
1226 KA1FLH Dan Easthampden MA  
1227 KE5ISO Jim Farmington MA  
1228 NU3K Ken Cyclone PA  
1229 WX4C Don Harrisonburg VA  
1230 WB2QOK Mike Sterling VA  
1231 AA1KN Robert Somers  CT  
1232 WB1WB Jim Mapleton ME  
1233 K3FHC Jim Coudersort PA  
1234 K0DDS Bill Olathe KS  
1235 KC2THO Tom Thoroughfare NJ  
1236 AA1JW Dave Waltham MA  
1237 K3HWG Bill Fort Washington PA  
1238 K1GOW Joe Providence RI  
1239 N3REB Dale Asheville PA  
1240 KC2ZUR Rich Holbrook NY  
1241 WF1L Bill Reston VA  
1242 W3BMA Rich Philadelphia PA  
1243 N1XTT Ed New Bedford MA  
1244 W1PTO Allen W Baldwin ME  
1245 KC2HZY Greg Kendall NY  
1246 SV8PER Manolis Kerkyra Gre  
1247 KD2EGR Tim Ventnor NJ  
1248 KC2WSZ Vito Staten Island NY  
1249 K8NTK Bob Empire MI  
1250 WA1ZDA Charlie Glen Cove ME  
1251 KA1RUV Julio Springfield MA  
1252 KJ4GDW Wayne Washington NC  
1253 K3TBS Carl Lebanon PA  
1254 K2EPD George Wayside NJ  
1255 WB4VOD John Benson NC  
1256 W3XAF Ken Fort Washington MD  
1257 K3DPT Tim Annapolis MD  
1258 KC3CRS Tom Tamaqua PA  
1259 WA2BEV Jim Butler PA  
1260 N2JBJ Dave Brooklyn NY  
1261 N2HEH Joe Pitman NJ   
1262 VA3SZ Zenon London ONT  
1263 KD8JPM Keith Rocky Gap VA  
1264 KB2HOH Joe Hollbrook NY  
1265 N8BAM Brad Allen Park MI  
1266 WA4BJP Bobby Aulander NC  
1267 K4ZXM Don Hanover VA  
1268 WA1ZRK Frank Norwich CT  
1269 W1GCI Arny Berlin MA  
1270 W2TTT Gordon Bergenfield NJ  
1271 WA2GCO Bob Bogota NJ  
1272 KA2QEP Bill Wall Twp. NJ  
1273 W8HCO Jim Parma Heights OH  
1274 KB3ZZV Jim Harrisonburg PA  
1275 K3DQ Jim Frederick MD  
1276 KC2MKI Bryan Akron NY  
1277 N2YH Bob Brooksville FL  
1278 KM4HGU Dave Waleska GA  
1279 VE3MBI Mark Kapuskasing ONT  
1280 KV1P Ed Homosassa FL  
1281 KD2ANM Bill Franklinville NJ  
1282 KD2HDZ Glenn Port Jefferson NY  
1283 KA2JAJ Morris Cape Vincent NY  
1284 VE3SKY Dave Nepean ONT  
1285 N1YBA Larry Middletown CT  
1286 KE2WC Mark Sewell NJ  
1287 KC2HBR John Cutchoge NY  
1288 W2MGF Mike Bronx NY  
1289 N2UIO George Brockport NY  
1290 K3VS Bill Johnson City NY  
1291 K3KDH Ray Allentown PA  
1292 W8MT Roger Princeton WV  
1293 KV4UI Craig Winston Salem NC  
1294 WB2MKF Jim Eden NY  
1295 MI0BRC Derek Northern Ireland IRL  
1296 WB3FEQ Mike Scranton PA  
1297 KB3WYD Dave Middle River MD  
1298 VA3LI Mike Cornwall ONT  
1299 K1URC Ron South China ME  
1300 KC9YTV Joe Osgood IN  
1301 KE4VIS John Knoxville TN  
1302 KK4UGJ Butch King NC  
1303 WA4NRA John Fuquay NC  
1304 KD2BEN Richard Florham Park NJ  
1305 KW2A Tom Akron NY  
1306 KG4OLE Larry Williamsburg VA  
1307 KD2HDG David Ithica NY  
1308 KC2HY Ken Greenbackville VA  
1309 AA8OZ Paul Ferndale MI  
1310 N3CML Joe Baltimore MD  
1311 W3GTO Nick Lebanon PA  
1312 KB3GKC Mitchell Monroeton PA  
1313 W3BAT Mark Oil City PA  
1314 KC2NOI Gary Endwell NY  
1315 W1HST Steve Pomfret Center CT  
1316 WA2GXR Dave Gaithersburg MD  
1317 WR1E Mike Prospect Harbour ME  
1318 WF3U George Shrewsbury PA  
1319 N2YIE Mike Brooklyn NY  
1320 KE4SKX Rich Woodbridge VA  
1321 KD2HEM Ben Bath NY  
1322 KC1BSE Doug Hull MA  
1323 W4FHC Fred Goldsboro NC  
1324 AB1XD Gary N. Dartmouth MA  
1325 N8BUS Gene Logan OH  
1326 W2APD Albert Patchogue NY  
1327 ND1W Mike Hubbartson MA  
1328 W8AJ Allan Shaker Heights OH  
1329 K4WJM Bill Winston Salem NC  
1330 WD8ARZ Bill South Bend IN  
1331 W2EDZ John Newburgh NY  
1332 K3MA John Lititz PA  
1333 N3OLK Herbs Philadelphia PA  
1334 KC3BWA Evan Taneytown MD  
1335 KB2EE Larry Henrietta NY  
1336 WB1GNL Alex Charlestown MD  
1337 N1FAM Harrison Gales Ferry CT  
1338 WJ9Q Marty Schererville IN  
1339 WZ8I Ken Franklinville OH  
1340 KT4SH Frank Sunbright TN  
1341 WN8C Mike Circleville OH  
1342 KB1NCY Paul Halifax MA  
1343 N1UIL Richard Wolcott CT  
1344 KB1EPA Efrain New Britain CT  
1345 AA3TJ Tony Frackville PA  
1346 KE8AAH Geagua Chardon OH  
1347 VA3FSD Frank Parry Sound ONT  
1348 WV8FKG Larry Bridgeport WV  
1349 KJ4DGE Greg Alexandria VA  
1350 KE4ARK Charlie Meherrin VA  
1351 KB3MMM Dave Wilkes-Barre PA  
1352 K3JQO Bill Rockwood PA  
1353 KD4AJF Jeff New Bern NC  
1354 KC2VUT Bill Shrewsbury NJ  
1355 KB8QID Joe Plainesville OH  
1356 KB2WVO Phil Watervliet NY  
1357 W1BON Bump Norton MA  
1358 K2GAV Ted Barkhamstead CT  
1359 K2JXW Jim Merchantville NJ  
1360 N2CPR Art Cherry Hill NJ  
1361 KD9CHC Ron Nineveh IN  
1362 KB1ZHS Jeff Waterford VT  
1363 N1ZOJ Jamie Hinsdale NH  
1364 KB2MS Mark Denville NJ  
1365 N8YIB Ron Coal Center PA  
1366 K0EIE Tom Hiawatha KS  
1367 KD8YOL Bill Green Spring WV  
1368 W6SFG Bruce Lynchberg VA  
1369 WA4GES Paul Theodore AL  
1370 KC2WNZ Matt Churchville NY  
1371 WN3LIF Walt Duryea PA  
1372 KB1KHS Rich Liberty ME  
1373 KD8YWF Jim Martinsburg WV  
1374 K2HU Richard Riverhead NY  
1375 KD2IL Tom Seneca Falls NY  
1376 KB1TPZ Tobey Sanford ME  
1377 K4RCG Bob Culpeper VA  
1378 NQ2N Bernie Valley Stream NY  
1379 N4TOK Chris South Mills SC  
1380 N2MHI David Basking Ridge NJ   
1381 K9PLG Paul Lawrenceburg IN  
1382 K1THP Dave Farmington CT  
1383 KD2FIG Louis Carteret NJ  
1384 WA2ILB Mark Pittsburg NH  
1385 N3IUO Randy Holland PA  
1386 K3DS Dennis Newtown Square PA  
1387 VA3RLG Ron Toronto ONT  
1388 KB9SXH John Milwaukee WI  
1389 N3NTF Tom Hermitage PA  
1390 N2AIR Greg Maspeth NY  
1391 KW1T John Millbury MA  
1392 KM2KM Kris Ithica NY  
1393 KD2DYI Omar Fulton NY  
1394 KA2EEV Bill Newark NJ  
1395 W3ST David Sidman PA  
1396 WJ1M Joe Southport CT  
1397 K3ATO Hal Reading PA  
1398 KC8RPV Denny Cincinnati OH  
1399 WF1K Russell Danbury CT  
1400 N1KMH Mike Tyngsboro MA  
1401 N3XEY Ken Philadelphia PA  
1402 W2RMC Ron W. Depford NJ  
1403 KC2WTE Glen Jamestown NY  
1404 W2MKF Mike Jamestown NY  
1405 K2YSO Jared Jamestown NY  
1406 W1WMW Bill N. Kingstown RI  
1407 N1SAW Sean Pittsfield MA  
1408 K2PAX Joe Pawtucket RI  
1409 WX1E Joe Foresdale MA  
1410 N1EXI Greg Beach Haven Crest NJ  
1411 K1ESF Bud Southbury CT  
1412 K0STP Stefan Gordonsville VA  
1413 W8YCM  Les Keyser WV  
1414 WC8L Sonny Center Point WV  
1415 W3MS Craig Salisbury MD  
1416 WA8TOX Ken Beverly WV  
1417 NO4MM Bob Kissimmee FL  
1418 KB1WOI Chris Portland CT  
1419 W1UMN John Durham CT  
1420 WQ9A Bill Waukesha WI  
1421 KC1DUP Bill Ellsworth ME  
1422 KB1ODL Glyn Halifax MA  
1423 N3HAM Gerry Philadelphia PA  
1424 NO1S Guy Middlefield CT  
1425 VE3SJC Walt Oshawa ONT  
1426 NV5K Ed Iowa City IA  
1427 WA2WAP Dave Albany NY  
1428 KJ4BVZ Senedin Winterville NC  
1429 W2TMD Vince Mastic NY  
1430 KD2DFC Fred Sussex NJ  
1431 KN4BWI Jimmy Ten Mile TN  
1432 KC3CIV Lemont Philadelphia PA  
1433 K2OHK Ed Hauppauge NY  
1434 AB8KD Wes New Carlisle OH  
1435 W8RMF Roger New Carlisle OH  
1436 KD8UAW Eric Huntington OH  
1437 NJ5R Jeff Union City NJ  
1438 N3BUD Mike Berwick PA  
1439 N2NNF Don Macedon NY  
1440 VE3MTT/VA Terry Peterborough CA  
1441 W3HHN Tim Stillwater NY  
1442 W2AO Stu Fishkill NY  
1443 AE2EE Dennis Batavia NY  
1444 W5NDX Nashville Charly NC  
1445 WB8VGE Mike N. Lawrence OH  
1446 K3EDT Chuck Harrisburg PA  
1447 KE2BC Ben Ellicott MD  
1448 W3DVY John Collegeville PA  
1449 KJ4FIV Rex Williamstown KY  
1450 N4WAT Steve Colonial Heights VA  
1451 N2VAC Joe Carey NC  
1452 W1WX Dick Concord NH  
1453 AD3AA Lee Pittsburg PA  
1454 K2JPV John Forrest Hills NY  
1455 KC2YXQ John Utica NY  
1456 N3JFX Don Hyattsville MD  
1457 KK4WMX Nick Rocksboro NC  
1458 K1QAR Ted Stowe NJ  
1459 K3XZ Ed Dunkirk MD  
1460 K1TIX Steve Chevy Chase MD  
1461 KC4ZTD Rich Covington VA  
1462 NM3Y Bob Leighton PA  
1463 K2DYH Alfred Merrick NY  
1464 KC8YEP Steve Martinsburg WV  
1465 W2DRZ Tom Frewsburg NY  
1466 W0AJA AJ Evans City PA  
1467 W3UEC Steve Springfield PA  
1468 K1OCD Adam Sounderstown RI  
1469 N2SLC Gary Tinton Falls NJ  
1470 KB3HLK Rich Bishopville MD  
1471 AB1CQ Gary Bridgewater MA  
1472 VA3KBC DJ Lambton Shores ONT  
1473 N2DAY Ray Depew NY  
1474 N8YMC Harry Flint MI  
1475 WB8CTC Joe Blane OH  
1476 N4WJC Bill Gainesville VA  
1477 WA4PUB Dave Marietta GA  
1478 KD2IBC Bob Roslyn Heights NY  
1479 WA1STU John Gainesville VA  
1480 W8CWG Chris Dayton OH  
1481 K1RAR Frank Glen NH  
1482 W2RB Rich Staten Island NY  
1483 KJ4EOZ Doug Fort Royal VA  
1484 W2EFI Don Neversink NY  
1485 W0RST Rich Alesburg IL  
1486 KD2COE Jeff Attica NY  
1487 WB2IPT Chris Cinncinnatus NY  
1488 WA2EHL Dick Burlington NJ  
1489 KF4TNX Tom Slanesville WV  
1490 KA1ULN Niece Andover MA  
1491 AB1TT Owen Ashaway RI  
1492 WB8DMX Kevin Colombus OH  
1493 K3ONO Bill Wilmington DE  
1494 N4HAI Tom Westerville OH  
1495 KC8FTP Frank Elmwood Place OH  
1496 KM4EMR Dave Southport NC  
1497 WA3IXH Dale Oil City PA  
1498 WB4EBG Bill Dunn NC  
1499 KC9NPQ Jerry Richmond IN  
1500 WB8TIV George Royal Oak MI  
1501 WA8FEA Gary Washington Twp. MI  
1502 N2CSA Fred North Cape May NJ  
1503 N1MWJ Ellis Williamstown MA  
1504 N1VXQ Ron Windsor CT  
1505 W3DBP Wilbert (SK) Brandywine MD  
1506 KB1YAP Art Dennis MA  
1507 WF2S Steve Batavia NY  
1508 W1GAJ Dave Brooklyn NY  
1509 N2FKW Bob N Syracuse NY  
1510 NA1Q Matt Blackstone MA  
1511 KB8QIM Willard Clarksburg WV  
1512 W3ART Art Brigantine NJ  
1513 WB1AAL Jeff Morgantown WV  
1514 KA1UP Tom ST. Henry OH  
1515 W3OJO Joe Fayetteville NC  
1516 KE8AMC Bob Lancaster OH  
1517 KC2IHY Rich Brickton NJ  
1518 K8LF Jerome Ashburn VA  
1519 K3JAG John Eagleville PA  
1520 WU2B Ron W. Orange NJ  
1521 KC3FKR Daniel Newark DE  
1522 K2ZIN Henry Kingston NY  
1523 N1IOM Paul Bradford VT  
1524 KM4IJJ Grant Garner NC  
1525 K1AF Owan Southport NC  
1526 W2CSI Charles Marshall NC  
1527 W4UWH David Blue Ridge GA  
1528 N2GHP Jack Sparta NJ  
1529 AB3VE Michael Cranberry Twp. PA  
1530 N8XEE Kevin Pittsburg PA  
1531 N1XY Roger Nashua NH  
1532 W3BQG Dick Monongahela PA  
1533 N3VNY Alan Cabin John MD  
1534 W3FIS Paul Selbyville DE  
1535 KJ4ZFK John Bristol TN  
1536 KD2CPP Gary Fulton NY  
1537 KG2CJ Frank Bound Brook NJ  
1538 KD2DKB Mitch Rochester NY  
1539 KR3NO Jack Cinnaminson NJ  
1540 K2OZ Danny Yonkers NY  
1541 KJ4JVV Marc Cordova TN  
1542 K1YAG Bill Fredericksburg TX  
1543 KB3YLX Lance Upper Marlboro MD  
1544 K2CIV Tony Staten Island NY  
1545 N1EEQ Carl Rehoboth MA  
1546 W2VS David Troy NY  
1547 W9ZD Rich Wilkes-Barre PA   
1548 WA2YOS Rich Elmwood Park NJ  
1549 KC2PES Ron Arcade NY  
1550 WG8AR George Washington NC  
1551 N4IC Don Walnut Cove NC  
1552 AB3YA John Laytonsville MD  
1553 KM4JVV Eric Elkton VA  
1554 VE2BU Andy Magog ONT  
1555 WK3T Mike E. Northport NY  
1556 NY2G Alan Brooklyn NY  
1557 W2BA Melanio Rochelle Park NJ  
1558 N1AKN Joe Wallingford CT  
1559 N1FOU Glenn Salem MA  
1560 KB3UFB Tom Tobyhanna PA  
1561 KC2HEI Mike Wapplingers Falls NY  
1562 KA2CUF Mike W. Chesterfield VA  
1563 K6KPJ Carmen Salem NH  
1564 KG5HBI Lou Watauga TX  
1565 W3BT Julian Philadelphia PA  
1566 N1WPN Wayne Fitchburg MA  
1567 K1MDF Matt Haverhill MA  
1568 W3BMK Butler Milford PA  
1569 WB2CNC Bob Rochester NY  
1570 N2YPI George Canastota NY  
1571 KC1ARO Rich Newport RI  
1572 N1ENB Tim Clinton ME  
1573 NE2Y Russe Westmont NJ  
1574 N4QM Dennis Timberlake NC  
1575 KB1GMX Allison Framingham MA  
1576 KA2RJM Roger Irvington NJ  
1577 VE3WHO Bob Hamilton       ONT  
1578 K1AMJ Alan E. Falmouth MA  
1579 KD2DUL Steve Princeton NJ  
1580 K3DRJ Jim La Plata MD  
1581 AJ4CA Jim West Point VA  
1582 N1PYX Jim Rocky Hill CT  
1583 WA2MFS Tom Lexington Park MD  
1584 AC2HJ Bob Fairport NY  
1585 KC9LGW John Villa Park IL  
1586 AC2AE Joe Brooklyn NY  
1587 N1YIV Greg Auburn ME  
1588 K4RUB Dave Elisabeth City NC  
1589 NA1RR Bob Bedford NH  
1590 K4IW Bob Zephyrhills FL  
1591 KM4DKQ Cliff Newport News VA  
1592 K2SMC Gerry Valhalla NY  
1593 KA4CUE Rich Bristol VA  
1594 KB8DTC Frank Brunswick OH  
1595 KC2MRW Dave Troy NY  
1596 KD2ITW Jim Berkley Heights NJ  
1597 KC2TRX Dan New York NY  
1598 KJ4UAU Art Greenwood SC  
1599 K5RES Roy Goose Creek SC  
1600 VE9BGC Bernie Greater Lakeburn NB  
1601 W2FSC Steve Riverhead NY  
1602 W1PEF John Amherst NH  
1603 KC1BBU Bob Wareham MA  
1604 KD2DON Harry Mount Laurel NJ  
1605 KD2GYU Ted New Lebanon NY  
1606 KD2HFN Tony Staten Island NY  
1607 KC1AIH Miriam Lisbon ME  
1608 N8UBK John Clarksburg WV  
1609 KC2GRU Duke Greentown PA  
1610 KF4HZH Dave Jonesborough TN  
1611 N2ENM Ricky Tonawanda NY  
1612 WV3E Eric Pittsburg PA  
1613 W2MWH Mike Woodbridge NJ  
1614 W8LR Jerry Middletown OH  
1615 N3XIM Cliff Spring Church PA  
1616 KB9JJV Jim Jackson NJ  
1617 KA3PVA Bill Mohrsville PA  
1618 KG4VYW Hugh Orlando FL  
1619 AI8Y Gordon Brunswick OH  
1620 WB4H Fred Chesterfield VA  
1621 KA3MYI Mike Doylestown PA  
1622 KB1FGF Dave Scaraborough ONT  
1623 KC2AZM Everton Floral Park NJ  
1624 W2JSJ John Florham Park NY  
1625 KC2DIS Tony Norwood NY  
1626 W1NIG Neil Medfield MA  
1627 W3KMN Jim Bethesda MD  
1628 KD2IAE Joe West Islip NY  
1629 K8GWW Jerry Bear Lake MI  
1630 KC1DRW John Limestone ME  
1631 KC2DPY Reynaldo Manchester NH  
1632 KD4WWL John Charlotte NC  
1633 KM4OD Dave Roanoke VA  
1634 N8CCK John Burton MI  
1635 W3VEX Jim Bridgeville PA  
1636 KD2JGH Jerry Jackson NJ  
1637 N2HYA John Hillsborough NJ  
1638 KF2VM Jaimie Windham NY  
1639 WB4UZW John Rural Hall NC  
1640 WB3JEX Ken Bedford PA  
1641 K1SEX Ernie Canton CT  
1642 WB8UTS Vernon New Philadelphia OH  
1643 WA3QKX Rich Pittsburg PA  
1644 W3KMN Jim Bethesda MD  
1645 KG2DWS Dennis Webster NY  
1646 N1ZGN Matt Nashua NH  
1647 VE7GPG Greg Creston BC  
1648 W4DJL Dave Birmingham AL  
1649 K4NDN Eric Elkton VA  
1650 KA2VTI Frank Blairstown NJ  
1651 W8CJJ Mike Portage OH  
1652 KI4VEC Tim Stanford KY  
1653 KD2IUL Joe Pennsville NJ  
1654 K1RID Ed Newburyport MA  
1655 WA2UUS Joel Buffalo NY  
1656 WE4HAM Dave Raleigh NC  
1657 K4SEK Sam Timberville VA  
1658 VA3DPR Doug Tillsonburg ONT  
1659 W8NLZ Ed Virginia Beach VA  
1660 K3CC Skip Coudersport PA  
1661 WB3GDA Bucky Jessup MD  
1662 W4VRD Bob Reston VA  
1663 N4USS Jeff Forrest VA  
1664 W1IRQ Ken Warner NH  
1665 NB6V Jim Kilmarnock VA  
1666 K3WWT Alan Ridley Park PA  
1667 K9RSY Dan Ripley TN   
1668 KA1UIV Jeff South Hadley MA  
1669 KE4CNY Tom Norton  VA  
1670 WB1ENY Bob Alton Bay NH  
1671 KB2PNN Matt Wheeling WV  
1672 KO4BH Bob Beaver Dam  KY  
1673 N2MOF Jeff Ithica NY  
1674 KM4NST Mike Jacksonville FL  
1675 NJ2S Bill Winonah NJ  
1676 AB1YO Joe Jefferson ME  
1677 WB9IWT Leif Plainfield IL  
1678 KC8KBK Scott Columbia  MD  
1679 K1PGQ Bill Merrimack NH  
1680 W1AGC Bob Monville ME  
1681 K9DT Bob Downers Grove IL  
1682 KC3DX Lee Pocono Summit PA  
1683 KC8ORW Nick Richmond OH  
1684 WD4DMZ Rich Richmond VA  
1685 AC2AA Nick Winchester NH  
1686 WA1CLK Bob Sugar Hill NY  
1687 N1CGP David Freedom ME  
1688 KB2SRF Brian Menands NY  
1689 K1PL Paul Cromwell CT  
1690 N2KED David Poughkeepsie NY  
1691 W2TDS Steve Glendora NJ  
1692 WA3SAL Sal State College PA  
1693 N3CSM Rick Irwin PA  
1694 W2RRB Randy Syracuse NY  
1695 KB3AWQ John Williamsport PA  
1696 VE3CEQ Sarah Campbellville ONT  
1697 N8ACC Nate Mill Creek WV  
1698 KC2UFC Jim Mount Holly NJ  
1699 KC1CYT Bob New London CT  
1700 KA1VM Harry Westborough MA  
1701 KB3RHN Bob Beaver Falls PA  
1702 W3SOR Adam Jarrettsville MD  
1703 W4GMF Grant Montross VA  
1704 WA3CCI George Dalton PA  
1705 K3CXO Carlos Spartanburg PA  
1706 K2QJB Gerry Auburn NY  
1707 N4XAT Bob Villas  NJ  
1708 VE2TOW Peter St. Jean Can  
1709 KA2FFP Jim Monroeville NJ  
1710 K3RJG Ron Milton DE  
1711 KD2IIN CJ Tivoli NY  
1712 KB2RMS Steve Trenton NJ  
1713 KD2IIK Dave Rochester NY  
1714 W1ZY Bill Wakefield RI  
1715 W4OLR Tom Stonewall NC  
1716 KD2GNY Brad Riverdale NJ  
1717 KB1RLC Joe Townsed MA  
1718 KD2FIU George Glendale NY  
1719 K1HMS Mo Hollis NH  
1720 VE3DDI Jim Port dover ONT  
1721 KC2DTN Matt Saugerties NY  
1722 W1CJG Chris Portland CT  
1723 W8CER John Port Clinton OH  
1724 KB1XG Al E. Longmeadow MA  
1725 K1SEI Tage Killing CT  
1726 WM2B Bill Rochester NY  
1727 KA8BSA Akron Keith OH  
1728 K3VW Willie Selma NC  
1729 K4CAE Dave Columbia  SC  
1730 K2ARK Tony Ocean NJ  
1731 K8TUT Bill Athens OH  
1732 K1ILR Fran Melrose MA  
1733 W2LTF Lou Sparta NJ  
1734 N3DKA Jim Emporoium PA  
1735 W2IFB Joe Newfield NY  
1736 VE3PRM Roland Ville St, Georges QC  
1737 KC1BHV Scott Lynn MA  
1738 KA2ECA Bill Sewell NJ  
1739 VE3SIZ Steve Toronto CAN  
1740 KD8JSE Bert Nova OH  
1741 K3JWL John Myerstown PA  
1742 K4RWS Ron Elisabeth City      NC  
1743 NZ2K Paul Hillside NJ  
1744 W4PTP Pat Supply NC  
1745 AI2J Louis Bronx NY  
1746 KD2FO Don Summerville VA  
1747 VE2NVR Nic Drummondville QC  
1748 N3BUS Bob New Providence PA  
1749 VA3FS Mike Hamilton       ONT  
1750 WA3RGY Phil Sewell NJ  
1751 KD2JSS Bob Greenwood Lake NY  
1752 VA2GLM Lubo Lindsay QC  
1753 KK4KO Jay Huntsville AL  
1754 KG5KNA Dan Pecos NM  
1755 KD2JKV Peter Albany NY  
1756 VA3CEQ Christian Toronto ONT  
1757 W1BAE Bob Cocord MA  
1758 N4DLT David Cherryville NC  
1759 VE3LPO Mike Temagami ONT  
1760 W4TKI Kennon Coffee Springs AL  
1761 KD2ISV Charly Beverly MA  
1762 N3YWQ Steve Greensboro PA  
1763 KB1TSE Norman Cotuit MA  
1764 KC1BAZ Charlie Beverly MA  
1765 N2WKT Mike Great Valley NY  
1766 AB1FT Alan Fitchburg MA  
1767 WA2BMB Alex Lebanon NJ  
1768 N1UXV John Naples ME  
1769 KB3EPJ Rick Red Lion PA  
1770 N2PQW David Royal Oak MI  
1771 W2NG Rich Waterbury CT  
1772 KC2BW Gordon Garfield NJ  
1773 WB2QNU Lou S. Plainfield NJ  
1774 KJ4DHF George Mattaponi VA  
1775 W3JHK Jack Freeland PA  
1776 KK4FZI John Grassy Creek NC  
1777 KC3GHK Andy Lancaster PA  
1778 KC3DR Rich Bloomsburg PA  
1779 KB1FBQ Jim Belmont NH  
1780 KC3BVL Jim Philadelphia PA  
1781 W3WCG Don Whispering Pines NC  
1782 N1EJH Ed Lunenburg MA  
1783 N3TB Bob Frackville PA  
1784 KC3AFH John Scranton PA  
1785 N8VVP Keith Davidson MI  
1786 W8RMV Bob Dexter MI  
1787 WD4HBC George Lexington    SC  
1788 WT3EB Tom Fort Washington MD  
1789 K1WCC Henry East Falmouth MA  
1790 KD2BSO Craig New York NY  
1791 W1SPP Peter Stow MA  
1792 N1TD Tom Norton  MA  
1793 KC2RBT Richard Shohola PA  
1794 KK4RF Marty Suffolk VA  
1795 N8KNA Rich Parkersburg WV  
1796 KB1DVU Gary Palmer MA  
1797 K2DX Paul Grenloch NJ  
1798 MI5AFK Harper Ballyclare IR  
1799 KD8ZRI Bill Grand Blanc MI  
1800 KC9VKV Jim New Albany IN  
1801 N4ZYP Tom Fairfax VA  
1802 VE3DXU Tom Kitchener ONT  
1803 KB0ZIX Darrel Paris TX  
1804 KD8JSR Dar  Pinconning MI  
1805 AA1XD Gene Fayette  ME  
1806 KD8FIV Joe Elida OH  
1807 W8JWE Jim Grosse Pointe MI  
1808 W4BJW Willie Spartanburg SC  
1809 KD8DAA Brian Flint MI  
1810 K1VOY John Buzzard Bay MA  
1811 N0UNS Charly Gastonia NC  
1812 W1TLK John Raymond NH  
1813 K1GDI George Winthrop ME  
1814 KR4EQ Jerry Waynesboro VA  
1815 KC3DHK Paul Lancaster PA  
1816 W1JHS Jack Manchester MA  
1817 KG2RY David New York NY  
1818 K3SBD Doug Fort Drum NY  
1819 W8LMA Ahsan Pickerington OH  
1820 NO2V George Lords Valley PA  
1821 KC1EGU Steve Danby VT  
1822 KC8RLP Jon Marion OH  
1823 W3CUB Garry Olanta PA  
1824 KB1FV Mark Burlington CT  
1825 N1RCX Eric Shelburne VT  
1826 KM4EBT Art Suffolk VA  
1827 ND8HSI Bill Geneva OH  
1828 WP3TQ Ralph High Point NC  
1829 N2RRA Eric North White Plains NY   
1830 N3XHM Will Canonsburg PA  
1831 KC1FQQ Greg Newmarket NH  
1832 K1BFB Bernie Litchfield NH  
1833 KD2KCU Bob Cape May NJ  
1834 W2KGK Kurt Kendall NY  
1835 KE8COQ Kyle Mason WV  
1836 W1QS John Waldoboro ME  
1837 KC3DVL Tim Bath PA  
1838 KB2MN Larry Egg Harbor NJ  
1839 KB1VAC Tom Harwich MA  
1840 KY4MJW Malcolm Nicholasville KY  
1841 N4VQT Rick Franklintown NC  
1842 AF8H Phillip Huntington WV  
1843 KB3DAK Charly Fredonia PA  
1844 KM4OSB Geri Moneta VA  
1845 WB1ABQ Reed Lyndonville VT  
1846 W2PNE Ted Cedar Grove NJ  
1847 AD0OG Paul Wahoo NE  
1848 NR3Q John Dagsboro DE  
1850 KC9YFU Lou Gillespe IL  
1851 VE7OFA Rob British Columbia CAN  
1852 KA2WRE Bill Littleton NC  
1851 KM4NOW Daniel Haw River NC  
1853 KE8CJM Dan Minford OH  
1854 WO9E Darren English IN  
1855 KI4PS Jerry Carrolton VA  
1856 AC1Y Sandy Moun Airy NC  
1857 AC8CO Bill Solon OH  
1858 W4BFH Bill Gibsonton FL  
1859 KB1AWZ Frank Cranston RI  
1860 WA3ROW Vernon Princess Anne MD  
1861 WK1V Desmond Merrimack NH  
1862 KA4BKD Cooper Five Points AL  
1863 KD8WSL Bill Morenci MI  
1864 KD9DDE Bob Three Lakes WI  
1865 K1PCK Jim Andover MA  
1866 KD4ZRY Alan Harrisonburg VA  
1867 KD2BRN Charlie Central Islip NY  
1868 W2GIO Frank Fishkill NY  
1869 KB1SMG Kevin Pelham NH  
1870 KC1EKP Luke Washington NH  
1871 KC3FGG Steven Sharpburg MD  
1872 ND8D Andrew Canton OH  
1873 KB3YWJ Charly Boyertown PA  
1874 KC2QYW Joe Harrison    NY  
1875 N2PHI Rick Blackwood NJ  
1876 N8RMA Dustin Portage MI  
1877 W1BER George Mahwah NJ  
1878 KD2IRI Tom Wayland NY  
1879 N2KZC Art Watertown MA  
1880 KC8LJG Paul Martinsburg WV  
1881 KD8PGA Bill Harsens Island MI  
1882 AA1LY Roger Chicopee MA  
1883 KA8RTS Rich Grand Rapids MI  
1884 KB9RVY Danny Goshen IN  
1885 KA3VFW Bill Stahlstown PA  
1886 KM4OTC Carl  Louisville KY  
1887 VE3HUK Chris Innisfil ONT  
1888 W8CWH Bill Wellsburg WV  
1889 K8BYP Dave Clinton TN  
1890 K2JW Glenn Lexington KY  
1891 W2DRA Bob Lisbon NY  
1892 WA2DII Paul Lake View NY  
1893 KD9EFO Mark Litchfield IL  
1894 WA4OPO Terry Lincolnton NC  
1895 KD8PZV Jack Beaver Creek OH  
1896 W5ACA Charly Seminole OK  
1897 KF5VQG Charlie Harber Springs AR  
1898 K4SFD John Alvaton KY  
1899 KD2GMC Rich Oceanside NY  
1900 VE3HLM Hyung Kanata ONT  
1901 KC4VHW Bill Fort Washington PA  
1902 W4RMP Randy Virginia Beach VA  
1903 WA5GFO Gary Meno OK  
1904 N8WJL Joe Detroit MI  
1905 KC2LEA Johnathan Sydney Center NY  
1906 W2RLS Bob N Tonawanda NY  
1907 K4AAA Ron Garner NC  
1908 KC8QWJ Brian Grand Lodge MI  
1909 KK4BJZ Tom Suffolk VA  
1910 WA2ELB Chris Bethlehem PA  
1911 WB2UBW Bob Warren OH  
1912 K2CID Sid Maplewood NJ  
1913 K9CWM Charlie Pleasant Lake IN  
1914 AC8UC Ray Canton OH  
1915 KD8ACG Al Columbus OH  
1916 VE3RIA Andrew Brantford ONT  
1917 KC1AXC Bill Dover NH  
1918 WQ8S Mark Fenton MI  
1919 KD2IQV Mike Stamford CT  
1920 KD1WR Jim Huntington NY  
1921 W2FID Marshall Montauk NY  
1922 K4WPO Bill Mount Gilead OH  
1923 KB8OEJ Lee Ferndale MI  
1924 N4QNT Art Kernersville NC  
1925 WA1MOW Gary Manchester NH  
1926 KT9OUT Gil Decatur IN  
1927 NU1H Mike New Gloucester ME  
1928 KB9KHM Mark Pine Village IN  
1929 KJ4REZ Floyd Ft. Meyers FL  
1930 VE3MHL Mike Sault St. Marie ONT  
1931 K8EJU Larry Maumee OH  
1932 WT3Z John Kings Mountain NC  
1933 KG7IQH Mark N. Ogden UT  
1934 KA1ZT Ken Williston FL  
1935 KD8MWR Lew Milford OH  
1936 N4REN Jim Russell KY  
1937 W9PQ Phil Melbourne FL  
1938 W3ORU Richard West Chester PA  
1939 W1ALZ Tom North Port FL  
1940 N3PEC Paul Lake Ariel PA  
1941 W4MRW Mark Herndon VA  
1942 N1FEV Sal Medford MA  
1943 KB7TBT James N. Bangor NY  
1944 VE2COH Pierre Quebec QC  
1945 W5MBH Jim Keller TX  
1946 W2YH Carl Franklin NJ  
1947 W3SKI Jim Bradford PA  
1948 KG5PJB Ricky Cypress TX  
1949 KA4SSB John Lumberton NC  
1950 KB0NAV Randall Nederland CO  
1951 KB8LAG Clayton Southfield MI  
1952 WB2FKG Bob Richville NY  
1953 VE3DAI Les Gravenhurst ONT  
1954 VE3FV John Ottawa ONT  
1955 NV1Q Juergeb Westfield MA  
1956 W3GLH Gary Volant PA  
1957 W1JAC Howard Stoneham ME  
1958 KC1EKC John Agawam MA  
1959 KC6AOH Bob Ridley Park PA  
1960 SWL Ed Boone NC  
1961 W4REB Rich Morganton GA  
1962 VE3BWP Brian Caledon Village ONT  
1963 KD2HN Harry Mount Laurel NJ  
1964 W1QD Ed Revere MA  
1965 VA3VMD Vito Markham ONT  
1966 KB9RZ Mike Fishers IN  
1967 VA3ZW Jim Utterson ONT  
1968 K4NWA Floyd Newton NC  
1969 WF2D Howard Millville NJ  
1970 KC1GAQ Ed East Haddam CT  
1971 KC3HFW Tom Milton PA  
1972 KM4RHC Pedro Miami FL  
1973 VE3NBI Anoop Markham ONT  
1974 KC3BCX Craig Waymart PA  
1975 VE3GVW Doug Oshawa ONT  
1976 KB8VRK Biff Hurricane WV  
1977 K1RMC Mark Manchester NH  
1978 KD2JQK Steve Belvidere NJ  
1979 KD2GIY Dave Linden NJ  
1980 KE8COQ Kyle Mason WV  
1981 K1VXA Paul Fall River MA  
1982 K1KJR Ron Hanover MA  
1983 WA2JSG Curtis Carneys Point NJ  
1984 K2ASS Dave Monticello NY  
1985 W2DZ Dave North Brunswick NJ  
1986 N1ELC George Milton MA  
1987 K2GSG Lea Jackson Heights NY  
1988 WA8JLS Joe Montrose WV  
1989 KB8ZHL Don Southgate MI  
1990 K1QR Ron Astonia CT  
1991 VE2COH Mike St Marthe Sur Le Loc QC  
1992 KC1NBD Scott Belchertown MA  
1993 K2AQX Lee East Herkimer NY  
1994 K2MIJ Jim Shirley NY  
1995 KW4TP Steve Harrisonburg VA  
1996 N4BDA George Palm Beach Gardens FL  
1997 KE2WW Jim Ithica NY  
1998 KA1MAD Mike Brantford CT  
1999 NA2NA Ricky Southampton NJ  
2000 WB4KYW Jay Cape Cod MA  
2001 KC3HVZ Jeff Pocono Lake PA  
2002 N2TOX Rich Rochester NY  
2003 WW2JS John Cherry Valley MA  
2004 AG4DD Dan Bluffton SC  
2005 K2AYA Bob Iselin NJ  
2006 N3TIH Russ Jacksonville NC  
2007 W2PBY Gene Fairport NY  
2008 WF2Z Matt Egg Harbor City NJ  
2009 KJ2AM Jose Fresh Meadows NY  
2010 WB2DPW Vince Andover NJ  
2011 VE3FKN Tomas Stoney Creek ONT  
2012 N3JLR Rich New Kensington PA  
2013 W3HVY Dennis Severna Park MD  
2014 KB3MEJ Lucas Sudlersville MD  
2015 W1TSL Tom Westport MA  
2016 VE3CRU Bill Whitby Ont  
2017 KC1FWV John Norwel MA  
2018 KB0SNE Mike Dassel MN  
2019 KA3HPM Jack Cheswick PA  
2020 K1GMM Steve Danby VT  
2021 W1KBE Steve Westford MA  
2022 WD8KOB Rod Madison WV  
2023 KC1CTB Joel West Yarmouth MA  
2024 W2SCW Jerry Brooklyn NY  
2025 VE2YU Clifford Blainville QC  
2026 W1DFL Dan Georgetown MA  
2027 KB2OEV Bob